Get tips, tools and resources to do more of “that thing you do” to earn an income or expand out into areas you never considered before. Whether it is your 9-to-5, a part-time job, a business you own, or your side gig, a big part of life is what you do to make money and how crazy, exhausted and happy that work makes you at the end of the day. You shouldn’t have to work in something that is sucking the soul right out of you. Let’s figure out some ways to use your gifts, contacts, and experience to be good to your mind, will, and emotions while earning that paycheck!

Hustle achieves results, but what does it cost you in the process? A non-hustle approach does not mean you are giving up; it just means you work in a way that preserves your energy, your sanity and your relationships. Many ladies find burnout quickly on the road of starting a business or a new project. What good are you to yourself or anyone else when you are stuck on the sidelines because you have nothing left to give? That’s why it is so important to approach business in a way that does not use up all your energy and damage your health!